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CLIMB was founded on a vision to provide affordable housing, a friendly community, access to nearby public transportation, and opportunities for work and community integration for people with developmental disabilities and blindness during a time when community-based housing programs were not readily available. CLIMB's Sierra Madre facility opened in1977 with 19 residents initially living at the center, many of whom still call it home today! 


CLIMB has grown and evolved over the years to offer many residential and support service programs to individuals with varying needs and goals. We are proud to be a family operated company with a superb track record of providing high quality services  in the San Gabriel Valley for over 40 years. Many of our dedicated staff have worked at Climb for nearly that long. We encourage you to visit us and see what we're all about!

CLIMB's programs are overseen by the Department of Developmental Services.   (916) 654-1690

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